Tuesday, March 19, 2019

2018-19 Fleer Hanes Michael Jordan 30th Anniversary

There have been plenty of promotional trading cards over the years, but is this the first set based on men's undergarments?

Michael Jordan has long had a relationship w/ Hanes and for the 30th anniversary of their partnership we have new basketball cards...by Fleer of all people! Of course Fleer now is not the same company we all knew and loved, now owned by Upper Deck. You can grab your own 5 card pack on specially marked packages of Hanes undershirts.

I didn't intially notice the odds listed on the back of the pack: base set red foil parallel (1:0.625), base set blue foil parallel (1:2.5), All-Star (1:1.11), All-Star Gold parallel (1:10). Autograph parallels fall 1:108,625 packs. The official website is www.upperdeck.com/collecthanes. The back of the pack even features a 6 alpha code like the old Fleer product for some kind of online collection...I think.

I imagine this is the face of MJ after someone asks him if LeBron is the real GOAT!

Red Foil parallel

 Red Foil parallel

All-Star insert

Some of the photos used are a bit grainy and almost look like a TV screen grab. The cards do have that unique Fleer vibe however. I wonder how many collectors are purposefully buying the shirts and tossing them to the side just for the pack and a (slim) chance at a MJ auto? I sure hope if people are doing that are smart enough to donate those shirts to a men's shelter or even Goodwill.

I actually needed some new undershirts for work so I wasn't one of those who just wanted the cards...but the cards did help sell me as I'm not loyal to the Hanes brand. The local Walmart I grabbed my pack at had a display on a endcap in the men's section and it was pretty full. I imagine there are a lot of these cards out there...or will be eventually...but if you want a pack or two they shouldn't be too hard to track down.


Bulldog said...

I was wondering what these cards looked like. Definitely look like Fleer. I wouldn't necessarily chase these. Would rather have action shots in uniform. But with no other new Jordan offerings on cardboard I can see collectors searching these out.

Fuji said...

Hmmm. Maybe I need some new undershirts.

P-town Tom said...

I was in the market for some new boxers, but I couldn't find any of the MJ cards. Bummer.

Big Tone said...

Cards or no cards ,I need some of those undershirts.

flywheels said...

I actually needed some new undershirts so it made sense for me to buy this specially marked package...but I wouldn't but them just for the pack of cards, not at $15!