Tuesday, January 28, 2020

1984 Fleer NFL Teams in Action

A set I did not know it exist til I went to a card shop in Houston. I thought Topps had monopoly of football til 1989 when Pro Set and Score came in the picture. Turns out Fleer put this small 88 card set out in 1984. They also offered gum as well their trademark stickers.
Start out with stickers as Browns is covered in powdery gum stain. The sticker in miniature form with team schedule on the back.
The cards are in horizontal form. This one feature Cincinnati Bengals with team defensive stats from 1983 season. No player names are on it because this set isn't NFLPA license.
Steelers card featuring their match with Cowboys from Super Bowl 10. Good photo selection as Franco Harris gets tackled.
Colts card of their offensive team stats. The card was damage when it came out the pack.
Giants offensive line plowing the way for their running back score against Cowboys. Interesting note this is Bill Parcells first year coaching the Giants. Another damage card out of the pack,
Patriots defense wrapping Earl Campbell for a tackle
Raiders card featuring their win over the Vikings in Super Bowl 11.
Last card featuring Vikings defense swarming a Packers player.

My final post is this 36 year old gum still intact.


P-town Tom said...

I voted "Hall of fame" for the gum alone. Wonderful!

GCA said...

Love Fleer Team Actions. Will trade you for all of these if you're up for it.

Fuji said...

Wow. That gum is in awesome condition. And as much as I'm a fanboy for action shots... I think the stickers are my favorite thing about these cards.

sg488 said...

Fleer made these type of sets from 1976-88.