Tuesday, April 26, 2022

1991 Monster In My Pocket

Is that a monster in my pocket or am I just happy to...

Never mind, here's a set from 1991, manufactured by Morrison Entertainment Group/The Source Group.

Monster In My Pocket is a franchise that began with games and toys and evolved into comic books and trading cards. They were originally released by Matchbox.

Here are our stickers. They appear to be next to one another on the way you would lay out the stickers.


These are pretty much self explanatory, I think?
These are too, I think?

Tengu is a Japanese folklore legend that means "heavenly dog".

I mean, that's a ghost, for sure. 

I guess without context these are just a bunch of pictures of paintings of monsters.



Bulldog said...

I remember the name but not the cards or art. Good post and cards.

--David said...

I thought this was going to be some kind of Pokemon rip-off/predecessor. Nope! Haha! Interesting find for sure!