Friday, August 21, 2009

1994 Fleer Jumbo

Let's face it. I am interested in pretty much anything that was released after 1993, the year that I stopped collecting, no matter how terrible it is. This looks like a set I might have been interested in collecting. I'm not entirely sure how "it's a whole new ballgame!" but I'll take their word for it. Here are all 21 cards in the jumbo pack, marked down about 75% from the SRP.

34 - Greg Harris

10 - Alan Mills

47 - Bob Zupcic (You don't mess with someone named Bob Zupcic. You just don't.)

129 - Travis Fryman (This looks like a pretty decent set, with nice photography, full color fronts and backs and a simple yet memorable design. It beats the hell out of 1990, 1991 or 1992 Fleer, that's for sure.)

87 - Mike LaValliere (Yikes.)

68 - Luis Polonia (Just buntin'.)

39 - Carlos Quintana (I wonder if the ball is already at the base and the 3rd baseman is just waiting to apply the tag.)

17 - Harold Reynolds (Mr. MLB Network)

79 - Joey Cora

56 - Steve Frey (Steve Frey's pullin' the ol' Hidden Arm Trick.)

16 - Kirk Reuter Rookie Sesnsations (The '90s sensation - Rookie Sensations! I was never cool enough to get many of these back in my youth. I swear that these started in basketball and Fleer tried to apply them to their baseball line.)

439 - Alex Cole (The other impressive thing about this set is the full color photos on the back that are totally not the same as the front. Current manufacturers - er, I guess there's really only going to be one soon - could take a lesson from this.)

506 - Brett Butler

686 - Dave Burba (Reminds me of my Giants-loving friend from high school.)

498 - Mark Portugal

551 - Jeff Shaw

361 - David Justice (Justice was coming off of a 40 HR, 120 RBI season. Impressive. I couldn't stand watching Atlanta's baseball team, though, with their constant tomahawk chop thing that they did. To this day, our state's newspaper will not print the nickname of this team or Washington's NFL team as a matter of principle.)

539 - Lou Frazier

564 - Eric Hillman

661 - Mark Davis (Davis was a great reliever with the Padres at one point and then completely fell of the map with the Royals. I'm not sure what happened to him after that, but apparently he reappeared with the Padres as documented here.)

350 - Steve Avery (Avery was supposedly better than Glavine, Smoltz and Maddux... until he wasn't anymore. It didn't take long.)

As usual, these cards are all up for grabs, especially if you have any crummy mid-'90s Cardinals to send me in return.


Matt Runyon said...

That looks like a pretty nice set. I also started my collecting break in 1993--this is the first time I've seen this set.

Chris Harris said...

Best card set of the 90s. Bar none.

flywheels said...

I thought the jumbos had an insert in every pack?

Anonymous said...

The Rookie Sensations was his insert....and yes, every jumbo had an insert, I think even every small pack had one too. This set is what kicked off the "Insert craze". Most sets up to this point had maybe one or two insert sets, but this one had probably 12 or so, and offered one per pack