Wednesday, August 05, 2009

2007 Hidden Treasures - World's Greatest Card Chase

Better known as World's Biggest Scams or World's Biggest Crapfest, this pack from the good people at... actually, I have no idea (all that identifies this company on the wrapper is the website anyway, this... thing... defines the previously unknown concept of a repack within a repack as this "pack" was found inside some sort of repack thing I bought once. For further details, look at the wrapper or go to the website or something. I don't want to think about it anymore because it gives me a headache. I decided this pack was from 2007 based on the contest details on the back of the wrapper.

1997 Fleer Ultra - 420 - Jaime Navarro

1993 Donruss - 689 - Bob MacDonald (Not to be confused with Ben McDonald.)

1989 Donruss - 462 - Stew Cliburn

1989 Donruss - 45 - Tom Gordon Rated Rookie (I remember him being called Tom "Flash in the Pan" Gordon, but he ended up pitching about 20 years of fairly impressive baseball.)

1995 Fleer - 32 - Joe Hesketh - (I'm not really sure what to say about this design or the ball player.)

1990 Topps - 397 - Will Clark All-Star

And what was the best part about this pack? Every card has noticeable damage on it, and not the kind that anyone would consider passable for a factory printing defect. It's more along the lines of "we just pulled these cards out of some 10 year old kid's shoebox back in the '90s and wrapped them up just for you!")


kevincrumbs said...

Stew Cliburn is a great name (in a funny sort of way).

The Baseball Card Snob said...

How do I contact these people. I have plenty of filler for their packs. All they have to do is pay for postage