Friday, August 21, 2009

2006 Fleer

Whew, it's been a while since I posted anything here... sorry 'bout that. The last pack I posted was 2006 Fleer Tradition. This post features 2006 Fleer, ummm, regular.

Already I like it better than Tradition. The pack features a much more subdued photo of Griffey over a blurred background. Other than the occasional action shot, I’m a subdued baseball card kind of guy. I like things that are simple and clean, so I’ve got a hunch that I’ll like this pack more than the Tradition pack no matter who or what I pull.

Like its 06 Tradition couterpart, there are no insertion promises on the back other than a random assortment of 2006 Fleer Baseball trading cards.

Also worth noting is that this is a hobby pack (as opposed to retail), even if it only means that I’ve got a slightly better chance of pulling a nice insert. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I get more bang for the literal one buck this pack cost me this way.

#137 Brad Penny, #222 John Patterson, #1 Adam Kennedy. Woah – I didn’t realize these had the “matte” finish of the Fleer cards from the late ’90s. I won’t have to worry about smudging if I send any of these away for a TTM autograph attempt. Kinda cool that both Penny and Patterson are looking right at the camera, and you gotta love Kennedy’s flip-up shades!

#256 Billy Wagner, #35 Jason Kendall, #366 Travis Bowyer. Two of the three are pictured in old uniforms… just an observation.

#LC-7, Bobby Abreu Lumber Company. One of my favorite Fleer insert sets over the years, especially when the entire back ground looks like a bat. I’m a sucker for cards with faux wood on ‘em.

#145 Jeff Kent, #400 Tino Martinez, #179 Felix Hernandez. I bet Kent is making some sort of snide comment to the runner, to which the runner is politely smiling and nodding even though he’s thinking, “Man, this guy’s a tool.”

Sorry about the mini pics, I must've selected the wrong file sizes. Blogger can be a bit of a pain when it comes to shuffling photos around so instead of re-doing the whole thing on a Friday afternoon, click on the scans for larger images if you're interested!! I can’t say the actual players were better than those pulled in the pack of Fleer Tradition, but I do like the cards themselves more. Most people seemed to really like Tradition, but I’ve always preferred a cleaner look. Like I’ve said before, the fact that there’s so much variety out there is what makes the hobby great… or at least what used to make it great.

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