Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2006 Topps Updates and Highlights

Updates! Highlights! 2006! I liked to buy these packs because they contain a disproportionate amount of Cardinals cards due to their World Series win that season. Now that I realize that I am only lacking one card to complete this set, I should probably know better than to get excited about this stuff.

UH106 - Chris Woodward

UH94 - Damon Hollins

UH114 - Josh Paul (Not to be confused with the other "two first names" guys like Sean Paul and Chris Paul.)

UH86 - Bengie Molina

UH142 - Anibal Sanchez (RC)

UH158 - Russell Martin (RC) (One of J. Martin's 34983 rookie cards.)

UH130 - Dave Bush

UH253 - Matt Holliday All-Stars (The Cardinals' newest find, at least for now. Don't send me all of your Holliday cards just yet. Let's wait to see if he re-signs.)

UH238 - Francisco Liriano All-Stars (Liriano has apparently joined Dontrelle Willis in the "what happened to this guy?" category that no pitcher wants to belong to.)

UH188 - Delgado Postseason Highlights (This isn't such a good card. Good thing that the Cards ended up beating the Mets in 7 in one of the most memorable playoff series of my life.)

UH258 - Brian McCann All-Stars (First All-Star appearance.)

UH277 - Mark Buehrle All-Stars


--David said...

Actually, Martin has 34982 rookie cards. The one in the middle of the list isn't really a rookie card... :-)

sruchris said...


Which one card do you need?

madding said...

My name is Kerry, actually, but I am lacking #72 - Ronnie Belliard.