Wednesday, September 09, 2009

2006 Fleer Ultra

As another frequent player on the repack scene, 2006 Fleer Ultra doesn't stand out much in the Ultra line of products, but getting one of these packs definitely beats a resealed 1989 Topps pack with the Gary Sheffield rookie card swapped out for an unsuspecting John Shelby.

79 - Raul Ibanez (Clearly, my scanner hates these cards. In case you can't tell, this is Raul Ibanez the baseball player, and not a sports-related advertisement for crummy guitars. And yes, I realize that Raul's last name involves a tilde, but I am too lazy to look up the proper alt-key sequence to make that happen. I hope I have not offended anyone.)

23 - Shea Hillenbrand (This pack is a sinking ship! The writing is on the wall!)

177 - Randy Johnson (Randy should have renamed himself Randy Johnson-Johnson, much like the annoying and delusional Courtney Taylor-Taylor did to attempt to expedite his process to achieve moderate fame.)

MCK7 - Alfonso Soriano Midsummer Classic Kings

113 - Trevor Hoffman Gold Medallion (Instead of using gold foil, they decided to blur out the background on these cards and use the icky gold "color" as a background instead. I really dislike gold used as a color rather than a metal. Hoffman's good, though I just wish he hadn't moved to the NL Central.)

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