Sunday, September 06, 2009

2006 Press Pass Traks Retail Version

In my travels today I was over by the Kansas Speedway just outside of Kansas City, Kansas [or KCK, as we adopted Kansans call it]. It's an impressive stadium/race track but thankfully there was no race this weekend and traffic was light. So I had NASCAR on my mind when I came upon this pack in my box store's clearance rack.

Four cards only here and in my pack one was a sticker so only three base cards were included.

#45 Matt Kenseth

#98 Robert Yates Racing

#38 Kurt Busch

Here's what the reverse side looks like:

Edwards Fan Sticker

This stuff looks of questionable value even at 1/2 the price of a normal pack.


Captain Canuck said...

Traks is racings version of opening day, or first edition... cheaper, meant for the kids, because normal racing acrds are freaking expensive...

Chris Harris said...

It's a shame you didn't pull a card of Casey Kahne.