Saturday, September 05, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage American Heroes Edition Retail Version

I completed the first Topps Heritage set [with the exception of the McCain/Obama '71 set election short prints] and so I've been looking forward to this. I think I will have to do this set pack by pack rather than a box. As the checklists have expanded I like that I'm pulling cards of Americans I've never heard of or at least don't know too much about.

#14 Clairborne Pell

Father of the Pell Grant.
#100 Carl Sagan

I couldn't be happier to pull this card. I love watching any PBS science special that is Sagan related.

#39 Paul Revere

I'm pretty sure Revere was in the other set so I'm a little disappointed.

#33 Ed Pulaski

Famous firefighter.

#C95 John Steinbeck Chrome #1694/1776

How great is a Chrome Steinbeck? If I had enough disposable income I would try to do a set of all the Chrome versions.

#122 Jackie Robinson

I saw this card in the scans promoting the set and I'm glad I got it in my first pack.

#91 Jacob Riis

Famous muckraker journalist.

#129 Abe Lincoln/Barack Obama

I'm Obama-ed out right now. I've got nothin'.

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dayf said...

Revere was in the first set, using that exact same painting. At least the design is different. I think Topps had to dig deep for famous firefighters.