Wednesday, December 09, 2009

2001 Donruss Elite baseball

Howdy hey folks! It seems like I haven't posted any packs in a while (I guess life kinda prevents that sometimes), but I'm back with a whole bunch of baseball goodness from 2001-2006 that I'll share this week! We start off with a pack of 2001 Donruss Elite baseball. The big draws in this include the Pujols rookie, autographed rookies and awesome memorabilia cards...let's see what I got:

- #17 Nomar Garciaparra

- #10 Jeff Bagwell

- #122 John Olerud (does anybody know why he always had to wear a batting helmet in the field? I know there's a reason, I just can't remember what)
- #120 Raul Mondesi (oh yeah, Raul's so cool he can catch without looking at the ball)

- #126 Jorge Posada (interesting shot...a catcher moving, with his mask on)

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Patsearcher said...

In college Olerud suffered a brain hemorrhage and an aneurysm. As a result doctors said he should wear a helmet in the field.