Saturday, December 05, 2009

2007 Upper Deck Series 2

Here's a bite-sized blaster style pack of 2007 Upper Deck Series 2. This set is a constant mainstay of the repack scene. I can't believe no one has posted a pack of this yet.

619 - Joe Crede

967 - Jae Kuk Ryu (I couldn't find any info about this guy and what he might have been up to in 2009.)

627 - Adam Dunn (Adam Dunn to me will never be anything more than a Dave Kingman-type player.)

679 - Matt Holliday (If Holliday goes to an AL team, he's a fool.)

- Jeter ad thing

677 - Jason Hirsh (Currently in the Yankees farm system.)

Okay, maybe I now know why no one has posted one of these...


Anonymous said...

Yuck. Now I remember why I didn't buy many packs of Upper Deck in 2007 even though I hated the base Topps set.

deal said...

also shocked this set hasn't been opened here yet.

NMCLax24 said...

No one bothers to post it because nothing worthwhile has ever come out of one of these packs. For the longest time I would buy repacks of all types and I have come to learn that the Upper deck basic set is beyond boring. Great photos and quality printing but no excitement

Anonymous said...

Adam Dunn is much better than Dave Kingman. He hits a slightly better & with a little more power, and walks a TON. Kingman's OBP is barely over .300 and Dunn's .383, and that's... kinda important. I think he compares to Mark McGwire better than Kingman, personally. More strikeouts still, but the power & OBP are similiar, even though Dunn has to earn his walks more than Big Mac did.

madding said...

lonestarr, you're probably right. I just like to rip Dunn because in addition to being one of my least favorite types of players (the all-or-nothing swing) he also is horrible at defense. his OBP is pretty respectable considering his low average, though, unlike Kingman.