Saturday, December 19, 2009

2008 Topps Heritage - Hobby

This product is getting close to two years old, and with the popularity of the Heritage brand I was really surprised to see that no packs had been busted here at A Pack to be Named Later.

This is a hobby pack from a double box break I have featured over at Phungo.

Baseball Flashback

2008 Topps Heritage #BF7 Baseball Flashback Brooks Robinson

This was not the top card in the pack. For the 2 boxes I opened, in every pack the insert/sp/chrome/relic was the 7th card I think. There are 6 insert cards per box on average this card would fall into that category.


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#183 Yuniesky Betancourt
#303 Tim Lincecum

#327 David Ortiz

#327 David Ortiz (b-side)

The top 3 cards have a some star power with Ortiz and Lincecum.

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#329 Detroit Tigers Team Card
#260 Carlos Zambrano

#98 Jon Garland

#333 Kevin Kouzmanoff

The second half of the pack features a Phungo house favorite in Kevin Kouzmanoff and a pretty good pitcher in Carlos Zambrano.

And for the sake of completeness here is the wrapper for this pack.

For a look at a Buy Back card that came within the case from which this pack was pulled please see the preceding post.

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