Sunday, December 06, 2009

1990-1991 Skybox Basketball Series II

This pack was a freebie from Captain Canuck of the Waxaholic blog as part of a trade. I know I've opened a bunch of Series I but this may very well be my first pack of Series II...let's get rippin':

#269 Xavier McDaniel

I won my first ever participation in fantasy sports and I have the X-man to thank. My 6th grade math teacher had the bright idea that if we all took part in a fantasy basketball league we could get lots of practice calculating averages and adding up things. We'll after consulting my Sporting News stats, I drafted Xavier [and his 21.3 points per game], Tom Chambers, and Scottie Pippen. The project was abandoned after about two months but for those two glorious months I was king!

In this pack I got two logo/checklists and two coaches for the same team...interesting.

#345 New York Knicks Checklist
#318 Stu Jackson

#335 Detroit Pistons Checklist
#308 Chuck Daly

#233 Clyde Drexler

This is my favorite card of the pack and one of the best I've seen from this set.

The commons:

The one that jumps out at me here is the Bo Kimble rookie card. During his senior year of college he averaged 35.3 points per game but only ended up playing 109 games in the pros for the Clippers and Knicks.

#195 Kenny Walker
#35 Kelly Tripucka
#388 Michael Williams
#123 LaSalle Thompson
#359 Bo Kimble
#107 Eric Floyd
#150 Glen Rice
#278 Darrell Griffith
#277 Theodore Edwards

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madding said...

Bo Kimble watched his best friend and teammate Hank Gathers die on the court at a game at the University of Portland and he was never the same. He started shooting free throws left handed in tribute, but he had an injury plagued NBA career (and was further cursed by being drafted by the Clippers.)