Wednesday, January 06, 2010

1994 Topps Stadium Club Series 3

I'm starting to run low on the mid-'90s bargain bin wax, which means a trip to the ol' hobby store should be happening soon. Perhaps I'll make it there this weekend. In the meantime, here's a pack of 1994 Series 3 Stadium Club. I wonder who they saved for last in this set.

553 - Tony Phillips

656 - Dan Wilson (At the first major league game I ever attended, at Safeco Field in Seattle, there were some merciless hecklers who couldn't stop yelling Dan Wilson's name. I never really figured out why - I was sitting in right field and he's a catcher.)

550 - Turner Ward (This era of Brewers jerseys was just bad.)

564 - Ricky Bones (See? Bad.)

704 - Greg Hibbard (Hibbard actually had a pretty respectable 1993 season: 15-11, 3.96 ERA)

643 - Lonnie Smith (Numbered 543 on the back, but apparently that's wrong. I had no idea Lonnie Smith was still around in 1994.)

628 - Ryan Klesko Rookie Rocker (I wonder if there are any "Rookie Rocker" cards of John Rocker.)

675 - Felix Fermin (Lots of Mariners in this pack.)

11 of 12 - Randy Johnson Dugout Dirt (These are 1:6 pack inserts according to the back of the pack wrapper. Look at that mullet, flapping in the breeze! Randy just announced his retirement. But wait until you get a load of the back of the card...)

I've actually hiked a little bit on Mt. Ranier and I don't remember a grotesque cartoonish baseball player standing on the top of it for some reason.

637 - Scott Erickson

554 - Melido Perez (Couldn't they find a better photo?)

643 - Lonnie Smith Golden Rainbow (Here's the one-per-pack parallel. I'm not entirely sure what a "golden rainbow" is, though.)

567 - Melvin Nieves


The Baseball Card Snob said...

I think Melido Perez is still on the Yankees disabled list.

If the player's name wasn't so lamely done, these would be sweet cards.

Bo said...

I actually think that Melido card looks pretty great - the Yankees had a lot of pitchers with good pickoff moves in the 90s, although I don't really remember his.

The Baseball Card Snob said...

I mentioned the disabled list because back in those days, GHI, a health insurance company sponsered the dl report, and he was on it for like a year straight.

Dymo labels, couldn't remember it when I made the original post. Used for the text of the last names. Very lame indeed.

Todd Uncommon said...

I think a Golden Rainbow is something you can get for an additional 3500 baht in Bangkok...