Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects Rack Pack

It seems like everyone all across the interweb is opening this product in ridiculous quantities. I picked up a single hanger pack at Target for $4.99. Let's take a look:

BDP33 Tim Wood

BDP38 Clayton Mortensen

BDP10 Jorge Padilla

Holy mother of dumb luck...

BPA-MI Michel Inoa Prospect Autograph

BDPP44 David Holmberg

BDPP4 Virgil Hill

BDPP41 Jonathan Meyer

BDPP73 Mark Fleury (Doesn't he play hockey or something?)

BDPP46 David Hale Chrome

BDP54 Josh Reddick Chrome

BDPW34 Seiichi Uchikawa Gold

BDPP71 David Nick Purple Refractor

I forget who said it originally...I think it was dayf, but Bowman products always seem like a grab bag of different parallels and card types, none particularly rarer than another. It really is a lot for the mind to handle. This is especially true with Draft Picks and Prospects, where I have knowledge of approximately none of the players in the set. Obviously, the autograph was unexpected, although the prospect autos are seeded 1 in every 11 of these rack packs. That seems like pretty favorable odds for retail. The purple refractors look much cooler in person, and they are seeded 1:3 packs.

Would I buy more? Probably not. The anonymity of the players is a turnoff for me. However, I'm not a prospector. I can certainly understand how someone interested in that element of the game would enjoy this set.


Anonymous said...

I've heard of exactly one player that you pulled.

Bowman Draft isn't for me; too many parallels & too many unknowns translate into not enough fun.

The Gooch said...

Nice pull, especially since it was a loose pack from Target. Maybe in ten years we will know who some of those players are.

madding said...

Nice Photoshop job on the Clayton Mortensen card. He spent spring training with the Cardinals and came over in the Matt Holliday trade.

deal said...

Any word on if these packs include Futures Game cards - I didn't see any in these packs.

Glad to see you pull the auto. puts the pack in the HOF territory.