Sunday, January 31, 2010

2007-08 Upper Deck Basketball

$2.99 for only 8 cards? Is this supposed to be some sort of high-end product? I don't remember what I paid for this, but it was certainly not $2.99.

96 - Renaldo Balkman (Not to be confused with Rolando Blackman.)

8 - Shane Battier (Ever since I burned the Yao Ming card during last year's playoffs, I seemingly get a Rocket card in almost every pack I open.)

95 - Marcus Williams

162 - Darko Milicic (I kind of feel bad for this guy. He was drafted #2 overall in 2003 and apparently peaked as an NBA player a few years ago averaging about 8 and 5 with the Magic.)

178 - Kobe Bryant (Ugh.)

104 - Steven Hunter

199 - Dwight Howard (I used to like Dwight Howard, admittedly, but he just gets more and more obnoxious by the day.)

CC-SO - Shaquille O'Neal Champions of the Court 2006 (This didn't turn out to be a bad pack for stars, at least.)

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RoofGod said...

Don't feel bad for Darko, he's not worth it. Signed disgruntled Pistons fan who would've rather had Wade or Bosch.