Friday, January 29, 2010

2009 Topps Chrome Football

I love Chrrrroooooooommmmmme! Like Goldmember loves gold baby I love Chrome, so needless to say I picked up a pack.

our cards of Chrome-filled adventure and it's a great start with:

Adrian Peterson TC28, yeah the best (second best? Chris Johnson? Peterson made it to the playoffs I'm not ready to make that call yet) running back in the league. Nice!
Here's a pick of the back of a nice Hines Ward TC22. I like Ward, he's a gritty receiver, not a diva.

Jeremy Maclin RC TC160, sweet, he is one of my favorite rookies from this year. I think he will be a pretty dang good receiver and for no reason at all I've always sort of liked the Eagles. They've never really been one of my faves, but I rarely find myself rooting against them. They have a bright future with Kolb, McCoy, Maclin, and DeSean Jackson. Their transition should be smooth.
Love them x-fractors! Julius Peppers TC107 X-fractor. Yeah, I love seeing a refractorized corner right when I open a pack. My computer says refractorized isn't a word, but I'm going to go ahead and make it one:

refractorized (adj): when an object (commonly a chrome sports card) is given a reflective coating to stand out from the rest.

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