Thursday, January 21, 2010

1995 The Campbell's Collection

Apparently in 1995 there was a lack of soup oriented trading cards on the market and Campbell's set out to change that with "The Campbell's Collection".

Each pack came with 8 cards, 72 cards total in the set along with 4 chase sets; The Original Postcard Chase Set, Souper Card Chase Set, Telephone Cards, and the Refrigeration Art Chase Set.

I'm sure that everyone is familiar with the red cheeked cherubs that are/have been featured on Campbell's Soup cans and commercials for years now. Well this is basically what this set is, a bunch of Campbell's Soup Kids that appeared on postcards over the years.

#37 - 1985 Campbell's Kids
#58 - 1978 Campbell's Kids
#61 - 1986 Campbell's Kids
#65 - 1890's Heritage Art*This is an early label for canned products produced by the Joseph Campbell Preserve Company in the 1880s.

#69 - 1978 Campbell's Kids

#26 - 1979 Campbell's Kids

#30 - 1936 Original Artwork
*Used in actual 1936 advertisements.

Final Thoughts: These cards are kind of interesting in a retro sort of way and they are the bees-knees if you really like soup. Looking at eBay, you can grab the entire 72 card set for about $10
, not too bad, if you're into that kind of stuff. Now I'm going to go have some Chicken and Stars for dinner.

*Special thanks to my wife Jessie for finding these cards. You're the best.


Erin said...

I want Campbell's cards. (It's my last name and own many Campbell's things..)

Thanks for posting so I know these exist!

kevincrumbs said...

Is that little girl in Native American Face up there?

B. Wags said...

Erin: No problem. I'm glad that this helped you out.