Sunday, January 03, 2010

2004 Topps Opening Day

In the interest of posting at least one pack of every card product ever made, I guess somebody needs to put up a pack of this junk. This pack was from one of those Fairfield repack boxes. You can still see bits of cardboard on the left side of the wrapper where it was glued to the inside of the box. They sucked me in with packs of 2007 Bowman and 2008 Topps Chrome showing on the front side of the box. The rest of the contents, of course, were more in the ballpark of this winner.

6 cards...kinda.

#154 Edgar Renteria

#112 Paul Konerko

#144 Nick Johnson

#129 Melvin Mora

#150 Jermaine Dye

#165 Checklist

The set consists of a whopping 165 base cards and 6 autographed cards inserted 1:629 packs. The autograph list consists of Jeff Duncan, Rich Harden, Dontrelle Willis, Ryan Wagner, Andres Torres, and Jerome Williams.


madding said...

Well, at least you got a Cardinal...

Roy said...

Eh, that's pretty awful

Anonymous said...

Imagine if you beat the odds to pull an autograph, and it turned out to be Andres Torres. Pass.

The Gooch said...

A checklist is NOT a baseball card.

Unknown said...

I love the front of the pack. "hot young MLB stars including Dontrelle Willis..."

Hindsight is 20/20 and it aint pretty.

night owl said...

Clarification: a checklist USED to be a baseball card. It isn't any longer.

Matt said...

I can tolerate checklists if the front features something neat. The ballpark checklists in UD OPC this year work. I can even, barely, tolerate the Mantle checklists in 206. This one sucks, and it pains me that it counted as a card in my pack.

Anonymous said...

Great looking cards.