Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1995 Bazooka

The wackiness... the whimsy... 50 cent packs! It's Bazooka Joe, 1995 style. I received an entire box of this stuff for my birthday awhile back and I'm finally getting around to writing about it. Here's a random pack from the box. I will do a recap of the box over at Cards on Cards in the next couple of days.

- Original Bazooka Bubble Gum (Yes, just like you remember, from the ol' candy store. These used to be a penny, or three cents... maybe even a nickel depending on how old you are. Each pack had one of these, which means...)

31 of 50 - Bazooka Joe & Company Comic (Yes, the comic! I tossed the horrible chunk of gum - it probably injured one of my neighbors, unfortunately - and unwrapped this little gem. Is that supposed to be some sort of knockoff Betty & Veronica? I guess this is what they mean by Bazooka Joe "& Company")

8 - Ozzie Guillen (Ah, yes, actual baseball cards! This set design reminds me more of mid-'90s Fleer than something Topps would produce.)

- Play Ball game card (Each pack also has one of these. Feel free to read the rules for me because I don't feel like learning about it or explaining it.)

See? More rules. Maybe these packs aren't so fun after all.

54 - Randy Johnson (Back to baseball. Here's the recently retired Randy wearing his teal best.)

45 - Paul O'Neill (Totally Paulie.)

120 - Frank Thomas

126 - Alex Gonzalez (Here's what the backs look like. What an eyesore. The dartboard-ish thing is intended to be the gameboard upon where you affix your game piece. If I'm not mistaken, it involves jamming a pencil directly into the center of this card. If this were a vintage product, unblemished cards might be worth a nice sum.)

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Unknown said...

Fortune: Find youself, play hide and go seek alone.

That's hilarious. And a bit of weird inuendo being directed at potentially "budding" young men.