Monday, June 07, 2010

1991-92 NBA Hoops McDonald's

Wow, the NBA Finals are already upon us and 2 games in. It feels like just 3 months ago that the playoffs started.... I have two more packs left in the purge, and they're both a little more on the tough to find unopened side. Luckily, my dad liked to stash away a couple unopened packs of most things we bought (still have a '91 Topps baseball box unopened) and I convinced him to let me grab these last two I'm opening here.

As you can see, you could win a complete set in specially marked packs. The odds -- 1:1300 packs. I believe there were also Chicago regional versions of these McDonald's Hoops cards. This particular pack is not one of those.

#19 - Charles Smith - As you can tell, with 62 cards in the set, they could afford to throw in a couple filler types. Smith was okay, but he was okay with the Clippers, so that really means he was not so hot with virtually any other team.

Here's the back of the card. The way to tell if your 1991 Hoops card is a McDonald's Hoops card is the orange shading around the stats and the basketball surrounding the card number. On the normal set, all of that is plain white. I like these much better. It's the little things, ya know?

#21 - James Worthy - All of these also feature different pictures from the normal set if I'm not mistaken. I tried searching my collection and couldn't find any to compare. Here, Worthy and his goggles of Sauron are battling Pippen for the Championship ring to rule them all.

#28 - Dennis Scott - Whining like a little bitch.

#60 - John Stockton - USA - The Olympics hadn't happened yet, so they had to take the promotional studio shots to create this subset. These poses are also different from the main set, which is a nice touch if you ask me. On the back, Stockton reveals that he tried out for the Olympics in college and was cut on the last round. Oops.
There you have it. Four cards: nice and sweet. I love USA cards, but almost anything USA Basketball is great in my eyes. I would love to see restaurant tie-in's like this start to pop up again. I'd gladly make myself fatter for a chance to rip open some free wax (with purchase of a value meal).


madding said...

The player name font on the front is also slightly different. Also, I'm pretty sure Dennis Scott is calling out a play or something...

Community Gum said...

I didn't know about the name font. Very sneaky, Hoops.

I'm sure you're right about Scott, too, but I just wanted to be a smartass about it.

TJ said...

"#28 - Dennis Scott - Whining like a little bitch."

Thank you for making me laugh today. Much needed.