Saturday, June 19, 2010

1991 Brockum Rockcards

I had no idea these existed until finding them in a 25 cents a pack box. The wrapper is just perfect and makes those shiny Upper Deck X wrappers from the past few years not quite so memorable.

Where else can you find a pack of cards where you can get a Jon Bon Jovi, David Lee Roth, and a Winder sticker in the same pack?

Winger -- "In The Heart Of The Young" Album Sticker

#237 Jani Lane
Job: Lead Singer of Warrant

#82 Megadeath

#168 Mark Slaughter
Job: Lead Singer of Slaughter

#241 Jon Bon Jovi
Job: Lead Singer of Bon Jovi

#55 Scott Ian
Job: Rhythm Guitar for Anthrax

#96 Rob Affuso
Job: Drums for Skid Row

#106 Scotti Hill
Job: Guitar for Skid Row

#231 Anthrax

#138 Steve Souza
Job: Lead Singer of Exodus

Here's what the backs of the cards look like:

#207 David Lee Roth

#124 Rob McKillop
Job: Bass Guitar for Exodus

#183 Justin Hayward
Job: Lead Guitar/Vocals for Exodus

#31 Paul Taylor
Job: Guitar/Keyboards for Winger

And a contest card:


TJ said...

The Scott Ian card is the best in the bunch. He always looked so much cooler than the rest of Anthrax. But, then it's not hard for anybody to look cool standing next to Joey Belladonna.

R.N. Coyote said...

I agree Scott Ian card is awesome but they couldn't get a face of Jon Bon Jovi and only his back side printed on a card? That's garbage.