Tuesday, June 01, 2010

2010 Bowman Baseball Retail

Some Nationals rook is on the front. I didn't get a card of him, so let's move on. I had one goal with purchasing 3 packs of these: a purple refractor. Will I get it? I hope so...

10 Cards/Pack

Up there with A-Rod as one of my least favorite players of all time. Not a good start.
Much better. I have the gold parallel from one of the other packs, too. Wainwright is a fantasy sleeper reward.

Lots of strikeouts and good ERA from these second two cards. Decent, if you're in to pitching. Guess what? I am.
The new, small Rookie Card logos look excellent in this set. Actually, this set just looks excellent all the way around. Complain all you want about how basic Bowman is, but their checklists are decent and fair, the cards are well composed and are of good quality. Would you want every set to be a monstrosity like Spectrum or UDX?
Mmmm, scanning chromes is a fickle endeavor. The chromes I pulled from these packs already have an unhealthy propensity for cardboard scoliosis.

Yayyyyy. I got it. Don't know who he is, don't care. Love me some purple refractor goodness. These would have been smashing with late '90s/early '00s Devil Rays unis. Gerald Williams, anyone? This guy actually scanned quite well.
Dykstra Part II tore up whatever league he was in last year. 125G, 11HR, 60RsBI. Led all of the minor leagues in walks.
Pretty generic Prospect card from Bowman. They actually look really excellent this year. The whole set does, really.
These are completely unnecessary. I don't like them at all.
This card led me on...I could see #1 in the set as I opened the pack up, and myself, thinking Topps was being their usual jackassery self, would make that guy on the front of the pack #1. I was wrong, but this is still a nice card. I love Bowman's parallels.


night owl said...

Lombardozzi is the son of Steve Lombardozzi, the Twins infielder from the mid-1980s.

I just think Bowman is way boring. If I was a prospector I'd think otherwise.

Todd Uncommon said...

An achieved purple chrome son-of-nobody, and a Gold Braun (Medicated Powder) Power Pose that is statue-worthy.

I say a APtBNL HOF candidate.

Twitch said...

Bleh, those gold parallels need to be shot. What a waste. :/

Roy said...

I usually despise Bowman, but this set just works for me. The Rick Porcello (which will probably be posted on my own blog soon) is a greeeaaat card. Way too many horizontals in this set though, and the bend to the chromes actually makes packs thicker than normal.