Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2004 Fleer Inscribed

Tonight I am presented the extremely difficult task of following up a post about Saved by the Bell cards. I will try to do my best. Here's a pack of 2004 Fleer Inscribed that must have come to me in a repack configuration because I certainly don't remember buying it on its own.

49 - Hideki Matsui (Matsui is having his worst season of his MLB career to this point in the 2010 campaign, but you can say that about a lot of players right now. This has been reflected in my dismal fantasy baseball performance this season. I can't explain why others have had success, however.)

11 - Miguel Tejada (I've actually been tempted to add Tejada when he's available in the free agent pool. That's not a good thing, even when you consider his two position eligibility.)

37 - Shawn Green (Honestly, the only good thing I can say about this card is that it's on Night Owl's want list, so it means that it will soon be leaving my possession.)
- Fleer dummy ad card

34 - Jeff Bagwell

24 - Omar Vizquel (Apparently Vizquel is still hanging around at age 43. Good for him.)


night owl said...

That's about the only good thing I can say about that Shawn Green card, too.

¡El Roberto! said...

this was one of my favorite set designs. they look great autographed