Wednesday, June 02, 2010

1991 Impel Disney

I know it is hard to believe, but Impel created various sets of cards in 1991.  This particular pack features characters and scenes from the World of Disney.  Each pack has 15 cards in it, and there are 210 cards in the whole set.  Like many Impel sets of the time, one could send away for a custom storage album with pocket pages if one so chose.

The set is broken into "Favorite Stories," "Family Portraits," and "World Tour" subsets that are numbered on the card backs.  I have no idea why some of them have a letter in the upper corner and some do not.  The card fronts feature a character or scene.  "Family Portraits" feature little colored 'photo holders' in the corners.

The backs of the cards give more info about the scenes on each card, plus there is a different image than what is on the front. It is like getting two cards for one! Well, maybe.  In any case, "Stories" cards have the name of the story which the still appears, "Portraits" feature trivia about the character shown, and "World Tour" cards look like postcards on the back.  The checklist I pulled happens to be the last card in the set.

Like most family photos, some of them are... wait for it... goofy.  BAZINGA!  Ah, I could have been a 90's card caption writer had I known such a job even existed...

I noticed I had several cards with "D" in the upper corner, so I set those aside and tried to find a pattern.  There isn't one so far as I can tell.  I have no idea what the letters mean. I tried.

At least you got a lot of cards for the money with these! 15 cards in a pack seems like a lot these days.  The price sticker on the back of the pack reads: "2/$1.00 or $1.00 each"  I'm not a math whiz, but...

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