Saturday, June 19, 2010

2004 Topps Total Hobby

Let me join the course of those calling for the return of Topps Total or at least a similar set. We want a big set available all at multiple series please.

I had really held out hope that Omar would be able to get to the 3,000 hit mark and get the guaranteed Hall of Famer card.

#456 Omar Vizquel

Could that cap be screwed on any tighter?

#155 C.C.Sabathia


Total Award Winner #AWS Alex Rodriguez

And with any 880 card set we get a lot of non-stars:

#859 Lincoln Holdzkom
#765 Turk Wendell
#192 Mark Ellis
#691 Gary Bennett [Grey Border]
#589 Jon Lieber
#399 Ron Mahay
#638 Chris Reitsma
#TTC23 Pittsburgh Pirates Team Checklist

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