Thursday, June 03, 2010

2000 Topps Chrome Hobby

Time to enter the way-back machine and head to an era where "getting jiggy with it" was acceptable behavior, and the word "chromium" was still featured on pack wrappers.

In 2000, chrome cards were still a slight novelty. I believe this was year No. 5 of the glossy, shiny bombshell that Topps dropped on consumers. Probably not enough time had passed to develop the now-jaded collectors who complain about 4 cards per pack and that the chromey photos are the same as those in the base set.

So, put on your gullible suit and join me in a hopeful pack rip! I cleaned the scanner and everything!

#298 - Jose Vizcaino. Sweet! A Dodger card that I needed. Vizcaino is the answer to a trivia question that comes up periodically:

Who are the only players to compete for the Dodgers, Giants, Mets and Yankees?

Answer: Vizcaino, Darryl Strawberry and Ricky Ledee. Ledee stumps everyone.

#429 - Randy Velarde. Oh, boy. This guy. He annoyed me when he played for the Yankees. Well, let's say the Yankee announcers acting like Velarde was the greatest shortstop ever annoyed me. Fortunately, Derek Jeter came along and then we had new problems.

#316 - Ruben Mateo. This may or may not be one of Mateo's first cards. It doesn't matter, because his major league career was over by 2004. Not too long ago he played for the Newark Bears. He's not there now, though. Just guys like Daryle Ward and Nook Logan.

#269 - Trot Nixon. Trotman!!! We like Trotman. He was an excitable boy. Scrappy, too. There is nothing wrong with scrappy. It's a lot better than slick and greasy.

All right. There's no glossing over that pack. It sucked. Even with the Dodger I needed.

Four cards per pack really blows.

And every photo is the same photo as the base set.

I'm sorry.


Dave said...

Nothing better about Cubs broadcasts in the 90s than hearing Harry Carey talk about Jose Vizcaino. Fond memories.

Roy said...

My first refractor came from '00 Chrome. Ryan Rupe hooked me for good that day.