Saturday, June 12, 2010

2009 SP Signature Edition

I start this post off by stating that I did not intend to purchase this "pack" in its current form. I ordered a "box" of 09 SP Signature Edition online. The description stated "2 autographs per box, or 1 multi signed card per box". The box was cheap and I decide why the heck not. Well I get this "box" in the mail and seems a little light. So I do some opening and realize that my "box" is really just a cardboard holder for a single pack. So what I thought would be a box of cards with plenty of packs to rip and maybe some Falcons for the collection turned out to be a single pack of 4 cards. Man I hope this is worth it.......

First off 3 base cards....which only means I got a coveted multi signed card

The highlight for me at least was the John Abraham. and now for the "hit"

Party of 4 25/35
Ted Ginn Jr
Steve Smith
Steve Breaston
Brandon Marshall

Not exactly the hit I was hoping for. Advice for the the descriptions in full before purchasing. 


Unknown said...

Hey, count your blessings with that one. SP Sig has been a real pooper this year - in both football and basketball. You actually scored a card with players whose names you know.

Youtube a box break or two of that same product and you'll see how well you actually did.

darkship said...

That's a really nice card for this product! nice job for not getting what you thought!

¡El Roberto! said...

Thanks, yeah not too bad, this is probably the most "high end" product I have busted

Todd Uncommon said...

Interesting multi-sig card.

It feels like it should be labeled:

"Fifth-round Fantasy Football All-Stars"