Monday, June 07, 2010

2008 UD X - Retail

I am a little surprised that these packs have not hit APTBNL yet. Found this pack for .99 cents (1.05 including PA Tax) at the Big K. Retail contains 6 cards/pack, compared to the 8 for Hobby.

This is a rather dull product, but this pack was a good one for me.

2008 UD X
#9 Brian Roberts
#51 Torii Hunter
#26 Garrett Atkins

2008 UD Yankee Stadium Legacy #5059 Don Mattingly (July 16 1988)
2008 UD X Die Cut #20 Kerry Wood

Another Insert

2008 UD Xponential X2 #X2-JT Jim Thome

Aside from the Atkins card, the pack was made up of players that I enjoy watching. I have started a Jim Thome Collection so the X2 was a nice pull. I have also considered B-Rob and Torii Hunter collections.

The Exponential card is respectable - The player photo is slightly raised - similar to the Action Packed cards of the early 90s - this combines with a hint of foil for a nice looking card.

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