Monday, March 04, 2013

2009-10 Panini Absolute Memorabilia Basketball

Here's a pack with Kobe Bryant on the cover. Kobe Bryant is an insufferable jerk, but we love him anyway because's he's really good at his sport. Wait, did I say "we"? I meant "you". As with all of my basketball posts here, these cards will find their way to my Guilt-Free Basketball Card Club members at some point. Or they'll sit in my apartment, collecting dust.

56 - Russell Westbrook - Speaking of insufferable jerks, Russell Westbrook has quite the reputation (and UCLA pedigree) of being a selfish jerk. His team is very good, however, so he must be doing the Kobe thing right.

14 - Tony Parker - Currently injured, but leading the Spurs in scoring (and assists, as one would expect from your starting PG.)

71 - Pau Gasol - Currently whining to someone about something, probably.

94 - Hedo Turkoglu - Hey, look, I don't have something to say about everyone in the pack, okay?!

52 - Nene - Underrated center and cancer survivor.

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