Sunday, January 24, 2016

2012-13 O-Pee-Chee hockey

I'm amazed the number of OPC I get in hockey repacks that are not posted here at APTBNL. Let's cross another one off the list with the OPC release for the '12-13 NHL season.

Sorry - kind of tilted. UD went with the black and white photo look on the pack and getting Hawks captain Toews on the cover. Just in case you did not know, this is the biggest set of the year. At 500 base cards and another 100 Legends, they are not lying. Eight cards.

It's all the player with OPC. Solid photos, but nothing like you will get in the Upper Deck flagship hockey release. Not of bading at the bottom. Maybe too large, but simple. Like the pack was beige, the border is on the cards. The bar with the team name will change color, and like past releases, this color is not part of the team's look.

This sweaters were dreadful. The newer Dallas is better.

You can see the silhouette for the right winger is different that the left wing on the Booth up above.

OPC retro insert. One per pack. These are nice and remind me a bit of my favorite set Champs. I need to get boxes of Champs.

Rainbow foil cards drop one per four packs. The player pops on these cards.

I got a Hawk! Ummm....whoopie?

Total set builder pack - no real stars within.

Simple back with OPC's full career stat lines.

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Adam said...

This is my favorite OPC set in a long time. If I see singles from this set, I always try to pick them up even though I'm not building the set.