Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2015 Topps Valor football

Topps Valor is back, and it's about the same as ever. Since I don't collect football, I am not sure how many years Valor has been produced, but I know it was around last year, and here it is for this current season.

Gronk on the cover. Valor, to me, seems like the base you would find in a high end hit release. Which is a nice idea. I think about Museum, or Tier One and some of the other high end sets that have base. Some would make decent sets, but who would ever build the base. One certainly wouldn't build it by purchasing packs. So, in a sense, Valor is a nice product. Six cards in a pack.

As a football card, they are horrible. As an art card, they are beautiful. And that's what I mean about being the base set from a high end product. All in all, these are truly gorgeous cards. Lots of contrast manipulation, ala Stadium Club. The player and team logo (lower right) have high gloss. The rest of the card is not matte, per se, but very satin. Valor logo at the top is bronze foil.

If you are a rookie, the RC logo is also high gloss. The player name is easy to read. That image sure looks shopped.

This is an insert of some sort. Strength is an non numbered parallel. There are also Speed, Courage, Discipline, Glory, Valor and Heart.

And here's Speed. Nothing too exciting.

BTW - those tick marks you see at the lower right is part of the card design. That's not my scanner nor damage to the cards.

No hits - oh well. Still, if I was a football collector, this is a set that would look really nice in a binder.

Single year of stats along with a career. Just so happens Parker is a rookie. Other players would have the previous yer in the NFL and full numbers.

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cynicalbuddha said...

Valor started off as a high end product in 2012 and I guess it didn't do to well because they didn't release it in 2013, but brought it back as a mid end product with a retail version in 2014. I wasn't a fan, this and Topps Fire just seem like silly pointless sets. But your right the cards would probably look nice in 9 pocket pages, or at least a team set.