Saturday, January 23, 2016

Topps Star Wars:The Force Awakens series 1

How about that - Random picked the last pack in the folder. We already put up the preview release for TFA. Here is the actual set now that TFA is in the theaters. I need to go catch it another time or two.

I believe there are three different packs you can pull - Kylo, Rey and Fin. Six cards per pack, and I do believe there are potential hits of autographs in the packs, some relics as well as some manu-relics.

Fairly simple card design. I am not sure why it's SOOOOOOO red. Every base card is red. Like really, really red. They should have added more color, because when you have a character like Sarco here in his red clothing, you really get the red. Tne name and that line that separates the photo from the bottom banner is the only foil. Bad use of foil, though.

You can pull those foilish cards like Topps has used recently in their flagship set. In TFA, though, the foil cards are numbered to /250.

Concept art insert set. Full bleed. Gorgeous. 20 cards in the set - hobby only.

Movie Scenes insert set. Also 20 cards in the set. Also hobby only.

Here comes the First Order and the parallels, in the form of colored foil. If you can't tell, this is green. Guaranteed a green per pack. Other colors are blue (1:2), purple (1:4), gold (#/100) and platinum (1/1). Gold and platinum, though - hobby only.

Looks like we have some extra space when Topps goes to the side, so you see they added Kylo in the lower right. I wonder if series 2 will be a different color, just like the '77 release.

Small write up on the back based on the image seen on the front.

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Billy Kingsley said...

I just picked up some retail packs earlier this week. Have been feeling so lousy I have not even opened any of them yet.
I'm one of the few people I know who didn't like the new movie (and I liked the Prequals!) but I still wanted to get the set represented in my collection.