Saturday, January 16, 2016

2012 Leaf Basketball

I like buying repacks, but every time I get something with a Leaf revival logo on it... well, I don't even know how to finish this sentence.

TZ1 - Tomislav Zubcic - Zubcic is a 25-year old Croatian big man whose draft rights are currently held by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

DG1 - Draymond Green - Green is a legitimate star in the NBA now thanks to the ascent of the Golden State Warriors to the top of the league. Maybe someone will want this heavily Photoshopped card of him from his Michigan State days?

RB1 - Rick Barry - A throwback here, Barry made the "granny style" free throw popular. So there's that.

RS1 - Robert Sacre - Sacre currently toils for the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the worst teams around. Leaf sure knows how to number a set!

MP1 - Miles Plumlee - One of the three Duke bred Plumlee brothers.

KM3 - Kevin Murphy - Murphy got into a few NBA games as a rookie with the Jazz and currently plays for the Hitachi SunRockers of the Japan Basketball League. On the backs, we get one sentence, a recycled photo and no stats.

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