Thursday, February 11, 2016

1993 Topps Baseball series 1

First time Topps split a set into two series. Series 1 have Derek Jeter rookie card. 15 cards a pack. Let's see who I got
165 - Jose Rijo - former Reds ace was one key players of 1990 World Series team. Injuries force him to retire. He made a comeback five years after he last played first in independent Frontier League then returning to the team for his final two seasons of his playing career.
80 - Cecil Fielder - one of most dominating power homerun hitters in early 90s. Remember when we were in awe when he hit 51 in one season?
242 - Charlie O'Brien
105 - Gregg Jefferies - remember when his rookie card was hottest card to pick up?
272 - Kurt Knudsen
76 - Kevin Appier - one of my favorites and heavily underrated when he was with the Royals'
293 - Rob Ducey
366 - Craig Wilson - first of three Craig Wilson to play in the majors
161 - Chad McConnell - chosen unlucky 13th overall played four seasons never making above AA level.
 329 - Mike Maddux - gold card. Little brother had better career
274 - Rick Sutcliffe
217 - Kevin Mitchell - remember when he crushed 47 homeruns that one season? That what he's planning to do that ball.
131 - Dave Winfield - Hall of Famer had great year in his only season with Blue Jays finally getting his World Series
44 - Kevin Seitzer - his career started off hot then fizzled few years later
281 - Butch Henry

Didn't get that Jeter.


Hackenbush said...

Kind of a nice action shot of Winfield.

JediJeff said...

I don't think Topps was posing shots like that Mitchell, so that is a sweet snag.

Unless I'm wrong.