Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2015 Topps Stadium Club

Time for yet another pack of Topps Stadium Club. In checking to be sure this wasn't posted, I noticed we have a lot of packs from this product. Sure, we have some missing years to fill in, but I am still surprised how much we have posted. But somehow, the most recent release has failed to make a showing, until Random decided otherwise today.

With the love of this set year after year, posting is a bit of an after thought. Still, we do what we must, and in 100 years, someone will look at this post and thank us. Please leave a comment in 2116, ok? This is a hobby pack so you get 8 cards as opposed to 6 in a retail pack. Or is it 5? I forget. Know you get more in a hobby pack, OK? Kershaw is the cover boy, and rightfully so. He's deserved to be a pack cover boy and makes an appearance as one. Of the 8 cards, you are guaranteed a parallel or insert card in a pack, with on card autos possible.

Really - what can I say. We all know SC and the imaging is some of the best every on card board. The badging doesn't crowd the image - it's always simple. Maybe the font is a little thin this year, but that is the only complaint I can make. Nice high gloss on the cards makes them feel extra luxurious.

Even those that cheat can look good in SC.

A portrait done right. This card could almost be made into a cameo piece of jewelry.

The images are well selected and the times the cards are heavy to one side of the frame or another is fine. It just works. You don't always have to perfectly crop and frame an image.

Then again, you can COMPLETELY nail how to crop a photo. Sweet mama-jama, this is awesome. Again, Stadium Club can always make a crook look good. My English teacher would be proud of that bit of assonance.

Here is my parallel, a black foil card. While the Stadium Club logo is a little harder to read, the rest of the card looks great with this foiling. I think Topps should make black the standard and use silver as one of the exclusive levels. BTW - black foils fall one is each 8 packs and have a print run of 201 copies.

Which guy has two thumbs and just got a triple? This guy.

Well hello there White Sox. Abreu is about to put some pain on a baseball.

Basic SC, which holds true in the same lines as 2014 and other releases. Different photo, which is always nice. Just one line of stats and a career total (trust me) and the players bio and a short paragraph write up.

Year after year, Stadium Club has been one of the best releases from Topps, and 2015 was no different. I hope I finish the set before the 2016 release drops at the end of June.


Fuji said...

Stadium Club is the epitome of beautiful photography. I'm complained about chopped off arms & legs more than any blogger around... but for some reason... I let SC slide.

JoshSamBob said...

Nice! Want to trade that McGwire? :)