Tuesday, February 09, 2016

2015 Topps Road To Wrestlemania

I was looking over the folders worth of scans for APTBNL and thought "with Daniel Bryan retiring, I should put up the pack of WWE I have". But I wanted to let Random makes it's selection. And how about that - it selected the exact pack. No lie.

This pack was put out prior to WWE cutting ties with Hulk, though I happened to notice there was some Hulk videos back on the WWE website, so maybe it was a temporary thing. Look - we all make stupid mistakes. Even the gentlest of people can do hurtful things. Hulk is far too much of an icon in the "sport" to be written off the books forever. Anyway - off my soap box. Cena and Brock also on the cover. Seven cards in a pack, with autos and relics a possibility.

Speaking of the retirement boy, here he is, even though the card is focused on his wife leaving the federation (work). You have the PPV event name at the lower right, along with the date of said event. WWE logo upper left. Wrestler's name in foil = bad. Hard to read. The photo selection is nice, and the all black card is different. Nothing to flashy about the design. Just simple.

Here is one of the insert sets, focusing on a previous Wrestelmania. Again - too bad you can't see anything with all the foiling. Standing is the Honky Tonk Man with Jake the Snake Roberts in an arm bar. Full bleed is nice. Foil is not.

Hall of Fame insert of Don Muraco. Can't say I ever saw him wrestle.

TIME TO PLAY THE GAME! This is a Paul Michael Levesque Triple H specific insert set focusing on his past Wrestlemanias. I love Triple H, though I think as talent/story control he is killing the company. His work with Degeneration X was some of the funniest things ever, though.

Boom - a hit! Adam Rose shirt relic. I like his old entrance song. Something infectious about it. I would have liked a Bunny relic more. I am not sure the latest #SocialOutcasts idea for him, though Heath Slater needs some kind of push. He is funny as hell. The relic is available if anyone wants it. Click my name under the post subject for my email address.

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