Sunday, February 14, 2016

2015 Topps Fire Football (Hobby)

 I do believe I put a pack of the 2014 Fire up here last year and I didn't like it.  Topps decided to bring it back for it's last year and the cards do look better, but the set still looks like it could have come from Panini and that's not a compliment.  Let's have a look.

You can't tell from the scan but the Williams card is my one per pack Silver parallel card.

 I didn't pull anything too exciting.  My lone insert was this Into the Wild of DeMarco Murray.  These are seeded 1:4 packs.

There you go.  Better than last year, but I wouldn't waste much money on it.  Of course if I could pick a box up cheap that might be another story.

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mike said...

That Tony Lippett card is an error, and one of aggregious proportions. Lippett played at Michigan State but is listed as a Wolverine in his stats line. Uh oh!!! And those cards are ugly, Topps can stop with the overboard painting (photoshop layer) cards.