Saturday, February 20, 2016

2015 Topps Update Series Rack Pack


Hope everyone is having a fun weekend.  Pitchers and catchers reported to camp this past week, a sign that spring's upon us.  The 2016 flagship is the talk of the blogs these days, and Bryce Harper's mug is all over the trading card section of the big box stores.  However, shoved off in the corner are the remnants of last year's set.  Before memories of buying those packs fade away, here's a rack pack of the 2015 Topps Update Series!

There's 400 cards in the Update set.  I'm all for that.  They still have those pesky All-Star and Home-Run Derby cards, but the more the merrier.  Since there's a lot of cards to go through, I'll just fly through's what I got:

#US38 - Michael Lorenzen (RC)
#US30 - David Phelps
#US325 - Matt Kemp
#US205 - Andres Blanco
#US157 - Noah Syndergaard (RC)
#US122 - Marlon Byrd
#US263 - Pedro Strop
#US49 - Mark Canha (RC)
#US63 - Kelvin Herrera (All-Star)
#US88 - Marc Rzepczynski
#US391 - Clayton Richard
#US209 - Prince Fielder (Home-Run Derby)
#US3 - Tyler Wilson (RC)
#US70 - Vance Worley
#US140 - Mark Melancon (All-Star)
#US362 - Rick Porcello (#862/2015)

In the Rack Packs, the Gold Parallel comes 1 in every 2 packs.  More inserts:
#H-66 - Ted Williams (Highlight Of The Year)
#US201 - Jose Altuve (Stats Variation)

The Rack Pack does not list the Highlight Of The Year odds (the retail packs have them at 1 in 4).  The Stats Variation is 1 in 19.

#TMB-9 - Bo Jackson (Tape Measure Blasts)
#FHR-20 - Dalton Pompey (First Home Run)
#WW-8 - Roger Clemens (Whatever Works)

Sorry, I accidentally flipped the Pompey and Clemens cards.  Both Tape Measure Blasts and Whatever Works are 1 in 3 packs.  There's no odds listed in either pack for the First Home Run insert...isn't there gold and silver versions?  I'm too lazy to research that.

#US193 - Angel Castro & Arnold Leon (Rookie Combos)
#US100 - Andrew McCutchen (All-Star)
#US590 - Rafael Martin & Matt Grace (Rookie Combos)
#US275 - Casey McGehee
#US26 - Jack Leathersich (RC)
#US195 - A.J. Ramos
#US162 - Jorge Soler (RC)
#US68 - Albert Pujols (All-Star)
#US167 - Derek Norris

#US336 - Mark Teixeira (All-Star)
#US293 - Cesar Ramos
#US319 - Will Harris (Future Stars)


#US86 - Chris Colabello
#US119 - Jacob Lindgren (RC)
#US189 - Adam Warren

Man that's a lot of scanning.  But I do it for the people.  Here are the backs:

That Stats Variation card is pretty sweet.

Anyway, that's the pack.  More later on.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and thanks for reading!


Big Tone said...

I like the return of the side by side rc's.Nice pack ,though.Syndi,Soler and I'm digging that Altuve variant.

Big Tone said...

I like the return of the side by side rc's.Nice pack ,though.Syndi,Soler and I'm digging that Altuve variant.

P-town Tom said...

I still can't get over how ugly those All-Star hats were from last year. (Exhibit A: Mark Teixeira)

Dion's IP Autos only said...

Hmmmm "Whatever Works" Roger Clemens is this a reference to his PED usage???? Just a thought.