Sunday, March 27, 2016

1988 Topps Big Baseball Series 2

Topps introduced Big Baseball set in 1988 splitting it to three series. The cards are slightly much larger than regular cards they put. The back consist of player highlights and tidbits in cartoon picture form. Inaugural set consist of 264 cards. Series 2 consist of cards 89-176.
For those who open packs of 1988 and 1989 Topps will get these ad cards selling you items such as t-shirts. They now evolved to cardboard art.
154 - Mike Davis - enlarged player's face on one side while action shot in the other. Back of card shows his full name along with one line stat and cartoons. Notice the fielding stat box on lower right corner. That is ahead of its time where they now cram how many different stats on back of card these days. Nice shot of Davis swinging. Looks to be at spring training site.
132 - Curt Wilkerson
173 - Pat Tabler - when I think of him I immediately go to 1988 Fleer card of him and Mark McGwire together.
93 - Tom Candiotti - knuckleballing
158 - Kevin McReynolds
114 - Mel Hall - got picked off and into prison
99 - Lou Whitaker - along with Alan Trammel made one of greatest 2B-SS combo of the game.

So far this pack is a dud

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