Tuesday, March 15, 2016

1996 Score Baseball Series 1

10 cards a pack with insert subset listed on the pack. Let's rip....
134 - Troy O'Leary - white border around with their logo on upper left corner, player name, and team on the bottom. Back of the card shows the usual stats and season summary reading material
215 - Sid Fernandez
187 - Brent Mayne - I got it!
116 - Dave Magadan
151 - Jacob Brumfield - pose shot inside Three Rivers Stadium
204 - Brian Anderson - how many of them with that name during that time?
123 - Al Martin
220 - Karim Garcia - pose shot of him inside Dodgers Stadium. Known for having his head hunted by Pedro Martinez in ALCS. Still playing to this day in the Mexican League.
157 - Todd Worrell - Good save
61 - Ozzie Smith - defensive shot of the Hall of Famer

There some decent photography of it

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Twitch said...

Solid looking set, and that Ozzie photo puts it over the top for me.