Saturday, March 26, 2016

2016 Topps Opening Day Jumbo rack pack

 Ah it's right around the corner.  Baseball!  So why not celebrate with a nice big pack of Opening Day??!
 All of us know that Opening Day is just Topps lite.  Smaller checklist and the Opening Day logo.  Here's my lone Brewers card.

 And the rest of the base.
 The Horizontals
 And a few more that didn't fit on the scanner in the first round.
 I didn't end up getting one of those rare Opening Day hits or even a mascot card, but here are the three inserts I did get.

I always think it's kind of sad that I like the inserts from Opening Day better than those from the Topps Baseball.  There you go, nothing too exciting, but were only a little over a week away from the real Opening Day.

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