Monday, March 28, 2016

2015-16 Panini Revolution Basketball

 Panini has resurrected another great Pacific brand of old, Revolution and this set is all about the shiny. There are autographed cards to be had, but there are no autos guaranteed per box.  As a matter of fact I think autos fall 5 per case or so.  Anyways I've included the odds from the wrapper below and to be honest you might need Panini's guide to the parallels you can find it here on their blog
 So 5 cards per pack so this won't take long.  I got three base cards.

 This Johnson Stanley rookie is an Infinite parallel, 1:6 packs.

 And this Chris Bosch is Cosmic Parallel numbered to 100.

Overall the cards look nice and are super shiny, much like the cards were in the original Revolution sets.  But I found a lot of my cards had a lot of edge issues on the back.

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