Thursday, March 10, 2016

2015-16 Upper Deck MVP hockey

A few months back, I posted last year's release of this set. Today, the randomizer finally selected this year's set. And if you compare the two, it's like MVP is the hockey version of recent Bowman.

When comparing to the 2014-15 set, the pack poster boy is a Penguin. Crosby this year - Malkin last year. I like that the Pens brought back this sweater design. It's a classic. MVP is a  difficult box to pull a hit. Usually you are getting base and parallels - some nice inserts too.

If you look a last year's design, this is almost an exact copy. Sure, 4 hash marks on the side instead of 3. And the border is a clean white as opposed to the smokey border from last year. But MVP has a very similar formula lately. Badging at the bottom is far too big. That's a fifth to a quarter of the player image! If you llike UD's photography, stay away from MVP. It's low end.

But if you like a design where you just want to focus on the player and not have to worry about being able to read anything, MVP is for you. NO FOIL!!!!

The Rangers wear this NEW YORK sweater too much. Just my opinion.

Death to Bettman stripes.

Ok - there is foil on MVP cards, but only if you pull a parallel, this being a Silver Script.

Sens hot pack! And I love the Popeye cameo on this one.

I got no snarky comment here.

Crappy team, but gorgeous sweaters. My Buffalo never return to their slugs, even as throwbacks.

Simple backs. Love the pronunciation guide on the back of MVP cards. You only get 5 years of stats, then a total for the career. MVP - simple and low end.

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Hackenbush said...

After their flagship set (which I love) I have no need for anything else.