Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2016 Topps Stickers

Back again for 2016, here's the latest in Topps MLB album stickers. They're a fun, quirky addition to any trade pile... portfolio... or street sign in your neighborhood.

261 - Yonder Alonso - Alonso was traded to Oakland in December. A lot of players changed teams this past offseason, as they tend to do.

286 - Todd Frazier - In a move that made a bigger splash, the Toddfather was sent to the Chicago White Sox in December.

272 - Freddy Galvis - Not traded, as far as I know.

23 - Ike Davis - Signed with the Rangers as a free agent last month.

129 - Brett Gardner - Not traded.

135 - Dellin Betances - My Yankees loving friend seems to be of the belief that this guy is the second coming of a well known long-haired religious figure. His stats seem to back this up. Also not traded.

138 / 166 - Angels / Dodgers - Not traded. The Los Angeles area got their football team back recently, though. They will resume being casually ignored.

253 - Jayson Werth - Not traded, although any sign of Werth is an excuse to link to this hilarious item.

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