Saturday, March 05, 2016

2015 Bowman's Best

I picked up a pack of this hobby-only release as part of the @thelootlocker Februrary box. These were included in the first month that I subscribed (January) as well and realized I was a big fan of this set. There's no way I'd ever try to complete it, but the cards are nice to look at at least.

54 - Devon Travis - It seems like there's a Devon Travis card in every 2015 pack these days. Not sure why. Either that, or I get him and Dalton Pompey mixed up a lot.

FI-GW - Garrett Whitley First Impressions Refractor - Whitley was born in March 1997, roughly sometime between the Spice Girls reign of terror and Hanson's rise to prominence.

TP-15 - Frankie Montas Top Prospects Refractor - Montas is from the Dominican Republic and reached the majors last season.

92 - Steven Matz - We know about Matz because of the Mets unlikely playoff run last season.

TP-43 - Aaron Blair Top Prospects - Blair was one of the prospects the Braves acquired in the Shelby Miller trade.

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