Thursday, June 14, 2018

2018 Topps Series 1 Miller Park Giveaway


Hope everyone is doing well.  Back on Monday, The Wifey, the boys, and my mother in law took my father in law to General Mitchell International Airport; he was flying out of Milwaukee for a conference in New Jersey.  I didn't find out until the day after that while I was working and sleeping (preparing for the overnight working), after the gang dropped him off at the airport, they all decided to catch the Cubs - Brewers game at Miller Park.  Lucky them.

They didn't stay the whole game (my mother in law has a thing about leaving early if it's a blowout or if she gets worried about traffic), which is unfortunate for them.  However, they did enjoy rooting for the Cubbies among the Brew Crew fans.

While I was given their game recap, I was told the boys were given baseball cards when they got into the park.  I checked online later and didn't see that it was on the Brewers' official promotional list.  They gave me the cards so that I could post them for all to's 2 promo packs of 2018 Topps Series 1!

They stayed til after the Sausage Race...the Chorizo won.
They were each given a clear package of 4 Topps Series 1 cards as well as a promo card for Topps Now and the upcoming National Baseball Card Day.  Here's what they got:

#40 - Carlos Santana
#346 - Max Scherzer (League Leaders)

As you can see, these are regular cards, nothing fancy about them.  I was kinda bummed about that, hoping they got some sort of Stadium exclusive release or something.

#231 - Joe Mauer
#144 - Jean Segura

The Mariners are in first place!

Here's pack two:

#164 - Adeiny Hechavarria
#20 - Chris Sale

#64 - Giancarlo Stanton (League Leaders)
#36 - Anthony Rendon

The Marlins aren't in first place!

Here are some backs, as well as the front and back of the promo card:

Anyway, those are the packs.  Series 2 was just released but APTBNL has kinda been going retro in recent months, so we're a little behind.  I should be rectifying that unless others beat me to it.  As always, thanks for reading!

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