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2003 Decipher The Lord Of The Rings Trading Card Game - The Return Of The King


Hope everyone got to enjoy time with their family and friends this Christmas.  Is everyone gearing up for this weekend and the upcoming New Year's celebrations?  Hope it's fun and safe times for all the readers out there.

After we all survived the end of the world, I celebrated our good fortune by going to see The Hobbit with my brother and brother-in-law.  IMAX and/or 3D are the way to go, and good times were had by all.  Since we were supposed to die, I threw caution to the wind and picked up two packs of this at the local Dollar Tree a week before our impending doom...2003 Decipher The Lord Of The Rings Trading Card Game - The Return Of The King!

I didn't know if there were any Hobbit trading cards, and I've seen some of these old packs scattered about in the Dollar Tree's card section, so I figured this was as close as I could get to mark the film.

By 2003, I was well out of Collectible Card Gaming.  I had heard of this game but never got any packs, so I have no idea how the game was played.  I was able to find a website for the different card lists and one that gives a basic overview of the game.

OK, enough rambling, here's what I pulled:

7U354 - Pelennor Grassland
7U109 - Long Prepared
7U134 - Desert Scout

The first three cards are the Uncommon cards.  The "7" in front of the "U" means this is the seventh release in the LOTR game.  There are 365 cards in the set (the numbers after the "U").  With the Uncommons out of the way, next one is the Rare card:

7R10 - Loyalty Unshaken

So the big reveal is no big deal, time for the commons...wait, what???

7R7 - Gimli, Feared Axeman

GIMLI-JO!!!  (My apologizes if I used the terminology incorrectly.)

The Gimli is a randomly inserted diffraction foil card that comes 1 in 6 packs.   Everybody knows foil = shiny.  The blue you see in the card is the shiny.

The dot next to Gimli means he is a unique character.  There is no dot next to the characters below, meaning you can play as many of them as you want.

Here are the commons:

7C150 - Harsh Tongues
7C226 - Enraged Horseman
7C312 - Siegecraft
7C192 - Morgul Hound
7C108 - Knight's Spear
7C11 - Out Of Darkness

If I didn't get the Gilmi, I would have gotten another common card.

Bonus pack!

I got a second pack (remember, end of the world), so here are those cards.  I am not showing the Uncommon cards because they were the same as the ones in the first pack.  I'd feel shafted, but then I'd see the shiny Gilmi and all is well.  Here's the Rare card:


7R261 - With Strength To Fight
No # - Card Back

There's the back for you all to enjoy.  Here are the 7 commons:

7C83 - City Of Men
7C62 - It's Mine
7C29 - Still Needed
7C72 - Smeagol, Hurried Guide
7C131 - Desert Fighter
7C111 - Man The Walls
7C303 - Orc Pursuer

Anyway, there's the packs.  I would imagine the only reasons to get these cards are either you're a LOTR fan or a fan of the game and wanted to get more cards.  If either reason applies to you, head over to the Dollar Tree and spend your hard-earned cash as if the world will end tomorrow.

More later...thanks for reading!

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The Junior Junkie said...

I was going to go to bed, but I saw this and had to look. That first pack, while dwarf-heavy, was sweet. The second, not so much.

If you pull an Arwen card, can I borrow it for a few?