Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2009 Upper Deck Series 2

Jeff again. The only time this pack was ever opened, the post had no photos of the cards. Unacceptable! You, the fine reader, deserve better. So let's rip another pack and share the contents. Being this is pack #2 of series 2, let's post images two at a time, with two 2 word comments on each card. Oh, and for you that love the look of the wrapper...

Ok - let's light this bottle rocket.

Left: Series champ. Lucky break.
Right: Two rings. Giants overload.

Left: Ex-Sox. Ex-Sox.
Right: Still Twinkie? Demand trade.

Left: Series ring. Oriole minor.
Right: Free agent. Goto Japan.

Left: Ex player. Selling insurance?
Right: Series MVP. Tiger killer.

Left: Cooperstown's calling. First ballot.
Right: Rare gold. Lame player.

Left: Ugly jersey. Second baseman.
Right: Available player. Nobody wants.

Left: Left baseball. Homer greeting.
Right: Free agent. Back soon?

Left: A monster. Stay sober.
Right: New Mariner. Bad team.

Right: ABOUT TIME! Future HOF.
Left: Perfect game. Middle rotation.

And there you have it. The backs are pretty boring - I really won't waste the time. Same image as the front, cropped on the face. And stats. You know the drill.


The Junior Junkie said...

Need Griffey! Trade me?

The Baseball Card Snob said...

Would any of these numbers be in this fine collection of cardboard?

£ set 2 - 084 208 227 451 466 468 473 476 488
586 598 635 687 694 747 753 781 785 798 799
810 818 825 828 851 873 880 907
945 959 1002 1003 1004 1005 1007